Casual chic dress code for men

Casual chic for men is a dress code that is elegant, but also cozy and a bit fancier than smart casual. This includes noble materials, a certain understatement and comfortable cuts.

Casual chic for men from MANILO

At, casual chic for men is available in the form of embroidered men's shirts. The quality is excellent, moreover, men can order personalized and printed shirts from MANILO. The design and manufacturing of the casual shirts is done in Switzerland. MANILO sells the print shirts in Switzerland, also to the Principality of Liechtenstein delivers business and casual shirts. "DESIGNED WITH LOVE" is MANILO's motto: the manufacturer combines its great passion for stylish clothing with a distinct love for details. Casual chic for men works, for example, with the button down shirt in the slim fit, if the gentleman is slim and attaches importance to the essential detail: Button Down shirts have the collar tips buttoned to the outer fabric. Printed shirts look more elegant in this way and thus lead to casual chic in men. Print shirts in the Slim Fit are worn by men who like to move, can show off their figure and wear sporty casual shirts made of high-quality materials for casual chic in men. If the print shirts are cut casually and the man also combines them with elegant accessories, a stylish look is created in everyday life, which we identify as casual chic.

What attributes belong to the dress code casual chic?

This style requires a certain balancing act. Simply putting on elegant casual shirts is not enough. Style experts describe casual chic in men like this:

  • Elegant, but not overdressed
  • Casual, but never careless
  • Comfortable, but more slim fit than loose fit
  • Exact fit
  • Noble fabrics, but with the highest wearing comfort

Of course, MANILO does not offer printed shirts exclusively in the Slim Fit. If you look for pure casual shirts on, you will also find them extremely comfortable and loosely cut, i.e. in the loose fit that we wear, for example, on the beach promenade or while strolling through town on vacation. But this article is about casual chic, which men wear in the office.

Occasions for casual chic

The most important occasion for this informal dress code is Casual Friday at the office. The staff is thinking about the upcoming weekend and likes it a little more relaxed today, which is why the tie can stay in the closet. The button down shirt serves as a small reminder of its function, as the buttoned collar tips typically serve to keep the upper part of the tie in shape. In this form, also supplies print shirts, making them the most important basic for casual chic. By the way, this may also be worn on a festive occasion, but then it still needs a very chic accessory, such as a valuable pin that also fits on casual shirts, or a stud earring for gentlemen who like to wear it. Another incredibly important detail in casual chic for men are clean and preferably elegant shoes. They provide the counterpoint to the printed shirts, because the community looks at the shirt, thinks casual, but then looks at the shoes and notices the elegance: the man has style, this is the first thought. This is important in a company where men usually wear suits with ties, which may only be omitted on Casual Friday. It is equally significant at a party whose guests are dressed elegantly to festively. Here, the more upscale the audience, the more valuable the casual chic menswear accessories may be. It could be a very good leather belt, premium jeans, expensive leather shoes and a valuable watch. This creates an impressive contrast between the print shirts and high-quality overall appearance. This is exactly what characterizes casual chic.

Casual Chic: Avoid No-Go's

There are some no-go's that should be strictly avoided when it comes to casual chic. For men, these are:

  • Neglected shaving (not the deliberately worn three-day beard).
  • Frayed jeans, even if they are otherwise fashionably allowed
  • Worn, tattered or faded garments
  • Unpolished shoes
  • Too much of a contrast in the overall combination (print shirts with an elegant suit jacket)

Casual chic thrives on neat elegance, even though printed shirts emphasize the casual character or rather the desire for leisure (on Casual Friday). It is therefore also important to wear, for example, a button down shirt made of a really high-quality (and therefore not cheap) material. MANILO offers such shirts. The material of the outerwear mysteriously looks not only functional, but also aesthetic. We see men in casual shirts and feel an incredible elegance, but it comes across as understatement. How does that work? Well, for example, the shirts contain high-quality flame yarn, which provides a sophisticated refraction of light and therefore creates this silky shimmering effect.

Why does this style actually exist?

Well, there is a certain philosophy behind it. From men who work in the office, everyone expects a certain appearance inside and outside their professional life. In short, you shouldn't go to the bakery in sweatpants, but you shouldn't wear a suit and tie either (unless in the morning before going to the office). From Monday to Thursday, the suit and tie is reserved for the office. During non-working hours, however, this elegant business look would appear overdressed: The man would look unbelievable and, at worst, make himself look ridiculous. Nevertheless, for this occupational and income group, a difference between office outfit and pure leisure wear is desirable. Men wear the latter when going on family outings, shopping sprees or barbecues. Moreover, there are various occasions beyond Casual Friday for which casual chic is simply the best fit. Just imagine your in-laws are coming to visit, or you're taking your wife to a better restaurant or an expensive jewelry store: these are occasions where you don't want to appear in a suit, but you also don't want to appear too casual and leisurely. You then choose a button down shirt in slim fit (if you can wear them), some very neat shoes (sneakers if you like, but dressy) and your best jeans with a fancy leather belt. This way you won't be overdressed, you'll still emphasize the casual nature of the event, but you'll look mysteriously elegant. This is exactly what casual chic aims to achieve.

Casual chic as standard office attire

There are young, dynamic companies that have chosen casual chic as their standard office attire throughout the work week. This does not happen by chance, nor because young men do not like to wear ties and suits. That's not true; in fact, they like to wear them. But some startups want to set themselves apart from other industries. A biotech company that considers itself very hip doesn't want to evoke any associations with representatives of the banking and insurance world, even on the outside. We don't like to comment on this, but for you as an employee of that hip start-up, the question arises as to how you realize the daily casual chic. It then requires certain resources. Here's how to go about it:

  • Research your wardrobe for (or acquire) dressy shoes and jeans. You need fewer pants than casual shirts. The ratio is about 1:5.
  • Look for dressy accessories like belts, pins, earrings, necklaces and rings if you like to wear them. Pins and belts always go.
  • Combine basics printed shirts, shoes and jeans with different accessories every day. Remember what you wore last and a week ago. The variety counts.

This way you'll be dressed more diversely in casual chic than in a suit.

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