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Welcome to our support page. We want your shopping experience in our online store to be as pleasant as possible. Therefore, we are always happy to assist you with any questions and concerns.

You can contact us either directly via WhatsApp or via the contact form. We will answer you as soon as possible. The answers to frequently asked questions can be found below in the MANILO FAQ.

MANILO FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Fits & Sizes

By taking your measurements, you can better find your way around the MANILO measurement tables and thus determine your appropriate size.

The easiest way is to choose a shirt that you like to wear and where the fit is perfect for you. Put it on a flat surface (e.g. on a table) and measure your body mass according to our picture description in the MANILO measurement tables at the top (especially the chest width (B), the waist (C) and the hem (D)). Then, based on your measurements, find the fit and size that fits you best.

If you feel unsure, please contact us via WhatsApp chat(mobile / desktop) or send us a message via the contact form and we will be happy to help you.

The terms "modern fit" and "fitted" refer to different fits of shirts. Here is a brief explanation of the difference:

  1. Modern Fit: A shirt with a "Modern Fit" fit has a slightly looser fit than a Slim Fit, but tighter than a Regular Fit shirt. It offers a balanced silhouette and a comfortable fit. A Modern Fit shirt is typically very slightly fitted to offer a contoured shape, but without being too tight or too loose. It offers more freedom of movement than a slim fit and is a popular choice for everyday wear and business occasions.
  2. Fitted: A Fitted shirt is tighter and more form-fitting than a Modern Fit. It features a narrower waist and a slimmer cut. The Fitted fit emphasizes the natural lines of the body and often looks modern and stylish. It is a popular choice for people who prefer a close-fitting silhouette or have a slimmer build.

Shirts with the "Modern Fit" and "Fitted" fit belong to the category of business shirts.

In addition, there are also shirts with the fit "Casual Fit", which are modern, but comfortably cut. Unlike Slim Fit or Modern Fit shirts, which have a tighter or classic fit, the Casual Fit shirt offers a looser and more relaxed silhouette. A casual fit shirt is ideal for informal occasions or leisure activities where comfort and freedom of movement are key. It can be worn alone or with the sleeves rolled up for a casual look. The casual fit shirt is also cut shorter and can be worn very well over pants (or shorts).

Shirts with the "Casual Fit" fit belong to the category of casual shirts.

Click here for the MANILO measurement tables, where all relevant shirt measurements are given:

Shirt sizes are usually indicated by letters such as S, M, L, XL, etc., and by numbers representing the collar or neck circumference in centimeters. In the case of the size indication "M (39/40)", the numbers 39 and 40 refer to the collar or neck circumference of the shirt in centimeters. The letter "M" stands for "Medium" and indicates the general clothing size of the shirt. In this case, "M (39/40)" means that the shirt is a medium size and the collar or neck circumference of the shirt is between 39 and 40 centimeters.

Click here for the MANILO measurement tables, where all relevant shirt measurements are given:

Shipping & Delivery

Wir informieren Dich per E-Mail, sobald Deine Bestellung versendet wurde. Anhand der dort genannten Sendungsnummer der Schweizerischen Post kannst Du Deine Sendung jederzeit verfolgen. Zudem erfährst Du dort auch das voraussichtliche Lieferdatum.

If the letter carrier does not find you at home when delivering the order, you can find out where your package was left (e.g. at your front door) via the tracking link.

Please check first via the tracking link whether your package has actually been delivered. If your package has been delivered, then it should have been deposited either in your mailbox or in front of your door. You can also ask your neighbors if they have received your package. Contact us at any time via WhatsApp(mobile / desktop) or via our contact form, if your package can not be found despite all attempts.

Your MANILO customer account

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it and create a new one. Enter the email address by which you're registered here, and a link to the administration will be sent to your account. You will then receive an email from us with a link to create a new password.

The security and protection of your customer data is very important to us. In our privacy policy you will find detailed information on this topic.

Wenn Du in deinem Kundekonto den Link "Kontaktdaten verwalten" anklickst, dann kannst Du alle Deine persönlichen Daten ändern.

If you would like to delete your account, please send us a message via our WhatsApp chat(mobile / desktop) or via our contact form.

Gehe dazu auf Kunden-Login am oberen rechten Seitenrand der Website und klicke danach auf "Anmelden". Fülle anschliessend die Felder alle benötigten Angaben aus und registriere Dich anschliessend bei MANILO.

To view your order history or the data we have stored for your orders, or to view the ordered items on your MANILO customer account, log in to your MANILO customer account. When you are logged in, you will see your personal contact information on the left side of the screen and your order history on the right side of the screen.

Your login data is protected and will under no circumstances be used by MANILO or passed on to a third party (see our Privacy Policy).

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