MANILO History

MANILO now has a showroom in the old shield factory in Lucerne. In addition to the men's shirts, we are also able to present the very first women's blouse collection to our partner stores.

Birth of Lahela (youngest MANILO family member)

Presentation and sale of the first MANILO men's shirt collection (spring/summer 2023) to local clothing stores in German-speaking Switzerland.

Establishment of MANILO as an own (Swiss) fashion brand and development of the first MANILO collection with a cheeky & bold emoji embroidery

Go Live of the first MANILO website through which MANILO offers configuration and ordering of personalized business shirts, collaborating with an existing shirt brand.

Foundation of MANILO GmbH with headquarters in the old shield factory on Lake Rot in Lucerne

Origin of the idea of MANILO together with a very special person and at a very special place at Lake Lucerne

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