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At MANILO men can find a very special white shirt and thus the perfect wedding guest outfit. The young fashion start-up specializes in the production of embroidered men's shirts. The high quality shirts are characterized by a bold, cheeky and at the same time loving style. Looking for wedding attire guests, men will find everything they need to cut a perfect figure on the solemn occasion. Thanks to this guide, gentlemen will learn what matters when choosing a successful wedding outfit as a groom, best man or wedding guest.

Wedding guest outfit-for the gentleman

As a guest, the dress code of a gentleman depends on the outfit of the bride and groom and also on the location. In the case of a church wedding, it is essential to choose a very festive suit. A tuxedo is also the right choice for this occasion, and that is if the groom is wearing a tailcoat. A wedding guest outfit is appropriate for the occasion if it turns out very neat. This way, the guest pays due respect to the occasion and is recognizable as an important guest to external photographers.

Styling trends for the wedding guest 2023

Top priority in the selection of wedding attire guests is to adhere to a specified dress code. Whether very classic in a dark suit, tuxedo or tailcoat, so the gentlemen always make an impeccable impression. A casual look in light natural colors and linen fabric is also suitable for the occasion. The perfect styling rounds off the smart wedding guest with smart accessories.

Accessories for the gentleman

According to the occasion stylish and solemn gentlemen choose their accessories. They crown the perfect outfit for the wedding ceremony. Most often it is a tie or a bow tie. For the choice of a tie that matches the outfit, gentlemen are guided, for example, by the wedding motto. The location of the wedding ceremony, i.e. church or registry office, also plays a role in the selection. Your own suit is decisive in the selection of accessories.

Who wears a tie at the wedding, has the choice between wide and narrow copies. For the festive occasion, wide ties are appropriate. For smaller men or those who prefer slim-fitting suits, the narrower tie is recommended. It makes torso look longer and harmonizes with the jacket. When choosing the color, the wedding motto can help you decide. Some men also like to pick up the color of the dress of their companion. For the formal setting, gentlemen do everything right with a silk tie. Another tip on ties: men cut a great figure with the classic four-in-hands knot. The tie becomes a special eye-catcher when the gentleman opts for the half Windsor knot.

Noble materials discreet colors

For the wedding service, a finely finished suit made of noble material is perfect. If you decide against black, anthracite and dark blue look equally elegant. A plain tie made of silk or with a paisley pattern makes for an extravagant appearance. If gentlemen wear dark blue suits, they refine the wedding outfit with gold tones in the tie. A black lace-up shoe made of smooth leather perfectly completes the outfit.

Men's shoes shiny and elegant

Glossy and elegant men's shoes in black go well with any wedding suit. To the tuxedo, gentlemen combine patent leather shoes, which are reserved for the groom at the wedding. When buying shoes, it is advisable to take the suit trousers with you.

With a tie, matching pocketkerchief and cufflinks, gentlemen are sure to attract admiring glances. With a bow tie, gentlemen often comply with a given dress code or set their personal accent in view of the ceremonial setting.

Types of bow ties

To distinguish among bow ties are:

  • Batwing,
  • Butterfly and
  • Diamond Point.

The Batwing is rather narrow, while in the Diamond Point the outer ends are pointed. The most common type is the Butterfly binding. Bow ties are classically chosen by men in black.

Other accessories for men

Gentlemen also round out an outfit for a wedding with a pocket square and cufflinks. Wedding pins attached to the lapel, a thin scarf instead of a tie refine the look. High-quality watches or sunglasses are also eye-catchers. For the guests, it is important that they do not steal the show from the bride and groom with their choice of accessories. It is important to combine pocket squares in a stylish way. Pure white satin is the classic choice. Ties and bow ties are also available in stores with the matching pocket square. Elegant cufflinks in extravagant shapes or bright colors coordinated with the accessories of the companion look beautiful.

Respect dress code

Whether man or woman, finding the right outfit for a wedding is always a challenge. Gentlemen, just like women, have a dress code to respect. The more information about the wedding is known in advance, the more confident gentlemen are in choosing their clothes. Depending on the season, the existing theme, the wedding location and the type of ceremony, the bride and groom and their guests choose the appropriate attire.

What is important in styling

First of all, the gentlemen have to choose a jacket and trousers. Then the search begins for a shirt that matches the suit. Then the gentlemen decide between socks and knee socks, lace-up shoes and loafers. Now gentlemen choose a tie or bow tie to match the suit and shirt. As a best man, friend or family member, they have many options to appear stylish and elegant at the wedding. The important thing is to feel comfortable in your own clothes. At the same time, a fashion faux pas should be avoided at all costs.


At men can find the perfect wedding outfit. Groomsmen are the focus of attention more than other guests. If the bride and groom wish a certain dress code, it is essential to respect it when choosing a suit. Even in the hot season, long-sleeved shirts are the best choice. Here, men pay attention to materials that are comfortable to wear. An experienced consultant provides important, professional assistance in this regard. Three months before the wedding is the perfect time to buy the suit. Friends or brothers who are already experienced in weddings are best suited as advisors when choosing an outfit. To get a feel for colors, cuts and accessories, there are also various great sources of inspiration online like Whether as a guest or best man, so the gentlemen certainly make a perfect at the upcoming wedding ceremony.

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