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We are in the month of May - so the high season of weddings is in full swing and you may have also received an invitation to a wedding some time ago. The excitement is rising, but so is the question: what should you as a man wear to a wedding? What are the dress codes for wedding guest outfits? And what are the no-go's in terms of wedding guest outfits? Don't worry, in this Fashion Blog you'll learn everything about the perfect wedding attire for men. From elegant wedding guest outfits to stylish wedding attire, we have the best tips ready for you. We pay special attention to the classic white shirt, which is an absolute must-have for every man.

Dress code for wedding guests

As a wedding guest, it is important to follow the dress code in order to be dressed appropriately and respect the bride and groom's special day. Here are some common dress codes for wedding guests and tips on how you can find the right look for them:

  1. Black Tie: The "black tie" dress code represents a formal and elegant wedding. Men should wear a classic black or dark blue tuxedo here. Combine it with a white shirt, a black bow tie, a pocket square and black leather shoes. Make sure that the suit fits well and the accessories are perfectly matched to create a classy look.
  2. Formal or evening wear: a formal dress code calls for a dark suit in black, navy blue or gray. Pair it with a matching shirt, tie or bow tie, and quality leather shoes. Choose a shirt and accessories that match your personality and add a touch of individuality to your outfit.
  3. Semi-formal or cocktail: with a semi-formal dress code, you can be a little more creative. A well-fitting suit in a lighter color like gray, brown or beige is a good choice. Pair it with a shirt in a matching color and choose a tie or bow tie to add a stylish touch to your look. You can also pair a sporty jacket with a pair of pants and a shirt for a more casual look.
  4. Casual or Smart Casual: A "casual" dress code allows for more freedom in your clothing choices. Here you can go for a more casual look without losing sight of elegance. Opt for a combination of chino pants or cloth pants, a shirt or a polo shirt and a blazer. You can skip the tie, but make sure your outfit is well coordinated and leaves a neat impression.
  5. Beach or summer outfit: for a beach wedding or a summer wedding, you can choose a more relaxed look. Choose lighter fabrics like linen or cotton that are breathable and keep you cool. Opt for light colors or pastel shades to add to the summer feel. A breezy shirt, combined with well-fitting chino pants or casual linen trousers and comfortable leather shoes or sandals, are a great choice.

Always remember that it is important to respect the dress code on the invitation and if you are unsure about this, perhaps ask the hosts briefly. No one wants to appear too "underdressed" or too "overdressed" at a wedding. With the right clothes, a good fit and a dash of personal style, you will become a stylish wedding guest who will fit perfectly into the festive occasion and still exude your own charm.

The "safe" choice for wedding attire

If there is no specific dress code specified for a wedding, choosing a wedding guest outfit can sometimes be challenging. In such cases, it is advisable to make a smart and "safe" choice that is both stylish and appropriate. Here are some tips for such a situation:

  1. Elegant simplicity: opt for an elegant and simple wardrobe. A well-fitting suit in classic colors like black, navy blue or gray is always a good choice. Pair it with a clean, white shirt and a matching tie or bow tie. These timeless combinations are safe and will suit most weddings. If you want to go for a more casual style, a semi-formal look is a good option. Wear a combination of a sporty jacket and matching pants. Pair it with a shirt in a subtle color and a stylish pair of shoes. This look is chic yet relaxed enough for different occasions.
  2. Location dress code: take into account the style and atmosphere of the location where the wedding will take place. If it is an elegant wedding in an exclusive hotel, a more formal look is appropriate. If it's a garden wedding or a beach wedding, you can go for a more casual look. Pay attention to the dress code of the location and adjust your outfit accordingly.
  3. Timeless accessories: Give your outfit an individual touch with accessories. A stylish tie or bow tie, a pocket square, cufflinks and high-quality shoes can enhance your outfit and make it more personal. Make sure that the accessories are well coordinated and add a sophisticated touch to your look.
  4. Consideration for the bride and groom: Always remember that it is the bride and groom's special day. Avoid flashy outfits or those that might draw too much attention. Try to find a balance between your own style and keeping a low profile to let the bride and groom take center stage.

In the end, it's especially about choosing an outfit that you feel comfortable in and that reflects your personal style while respecting the occasion and the significance of the day. By making these smart and safe choices, you can be sure that your wedding guest outfit is appropriate and stylish.

No-Go's - These are some of the pitfalls you should avoid.

When it comes to wedding guest outfits, there are some no-go's that should be avoided at all costs to avoid committing a faux pas. Here are some important points you should keep in mind:

  1. White clothing: As a wedding guest, you should avoid wearing all-white clothing. White is traditionally reserved for the bride and can be seen as disrespectful or distracting. It is better to give priority to other colors and let the bride have the moment to be in the spotlight.
  2. Outfits that are too revealing: avoid clothing that is too revealing or too sexy. A wedding is a formal event and requires appropriate attire. Avoid plunging necklines, dresses that are too short, or garments that are too tight. Respect the solemn atmosphere and keep your look elegant and classy.
  3. Overly flashy patterns or colors: Choose your patterns and colors wisely. Avoid overly flashy or garish patterns that could distract from the bride and groom's attention. Stick to subtle and classic patterns or choose a color palette that fits the atmosphere of the wedding.
  4. Sportswear or too casual look: avoid sportswear or too casual outfit. A wedding is a formal occasion where it is appropriate to dress a little fancier. Refrain from jeans, t-shirts, sneakers or similar casual attire. Show respect for the bride and groom by dressing appropriately.
  5. Too much glitter or excessive jewelry: Although accessories are important, avoid going overboard with excessive glitter or flashy jewelry. Keep your accessories subtle and balanced to add to the look, but don't overdo it.

More tips - round off your wedding guest outfit

Finally, here are some more tips that will make your wedding guest outfit perfect:

  1. Classic white shirt: a white shirt is a timeless classic that should be in every man's closet. It goes perfectly with almost any occasion, including weddings. Choose a shirt made of high-quality fabric and make sure it fits well. Combine it with elegant trousers or a suit to create a chic and stylish look.
  2. Matching, elegant accessories: the right accessories can add the finishing touch to your wedding outfit. Wear a matching tie or bow tie to add elegance to your look. Make sure the color or pattern of the tie or bow tie matches your shirt and suit. Complete your outfit with a stylish belt, cufflinks and matching shoes.
  3. Season and wedding location: choosing the right wedding attire also depends on the season and wedding location. For a summer wedding, you can choose lighter fabrics and go for bright colors. For a winter wedding, warmer fabrics and darker colors are appropriate. Also think about the location of the wedding - indoor or outdoor, beach or country house.

Last but not least, it is of course also important to coordinate with your escort to create a harmonious look as a couple. Discuss the dress code and choose outfits that coordinate well, both in terms of colors and formality. By carefully coordinating with your escort, you can ensure an aesthetically pleasing and coordinated look as a couple that contributes to the festive atmosphere of the wedding.

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