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My name is Pascal and I am the founder and owner of the Swiss fashion brand MANILO, which focuses on the production of high quality men's casual and business shirts.

A corporate shirt or polo shirt with the embroidered company logo on the chest or collar is a fantastic way to represent your company. It adds a professional touch to the appearance of the entire team and makes you instantly recognizable to your customers. In today's fashion blog we would therefore like to talk about the different possibilities for a company to embroider shirts and polo shirts with the company logo.

Become an ambassador of your company

Company logo embroidered shirts and polo shirts are not just simple garments, but they represent your company in many ways. By wearing these custom made garments, employees and team members become ambassadors of the brand and the company.

An embroidered company logo on shirts and polo shirts conveys professionalism and creates a consistent look for the entire team. When customers or business partners encounter employees wearing such garments, a connection to the company is immediately established. The logo is like a visual trademark that conveys trust, credibility and reliability.

These embroidered garments are also a sign of pride and belonging. Employees who wear the company logo with pride show their identification with the company and their appreciation for the shared goals and values. It promotes a sense of togetherness and strengthens team spirit.

In addition, company shirts and polo shirts with embroidered company logo serve as effective marketing tools. When employees wear them outside the office, they become "walking billboards." Whether at business meetings, conferences or public events, the company logo attracts attention and can appeal to potential customers, business partners or prospects. It's a cost-effective way to increase brand reach and raise awareness of the company.

In addition, corporate shirts and polo shirts with embroidered company logo are also a practical solution for everyday work. They are ideally made of high-quality materials and offer comfort and freedom of movement. Employees can concentrate on their tasks without worrying about their clothes. The professional appearance is maintained without compromising on comfort and functionality.

Company shirts - embroidery of your company logo

Let's start with the classic white shirt. A white shirt exudes elegance, seriousness and style. It is a timeless choice for business occasions and goes with almost any occasion. When the company logo is discreetly embroidered on the chest of the white shirt, it adds a touch of sophistication and professionalism to the look. This subtle accent combines understatement with a strong brand presence, showing that you are part of a successful team or company.

A blue shirt is a slightly more vibrant alternative to the classic white shirt. Blue is a color that conveys confidence and reliability. A blue shirt with an embroidered company logo on the chest creates a striking contrast and draws the eye. It is a fashionable choice that exudes individuality and sense of style. With a blue shirt, you can make a dynamic and confident statement while showing your commitment to the brand.

If you prefer an even bolder look, a shirt in black is an excellent choice. Black exudes elegance and modernity and gives off an air of exclusivity. A shirt in black with an embroidered company logo on the chest creates a strong contrast and immediately attracts attention. It's a bold statement that emphasizes your professionalism and individual style. With a black shirt, you can stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression.

Regardless of the shirt color, the placement of the embroidered company logo is crucial. The chest is a popular choice, as it provides a central location and the logo is highly visible. Alternatively, the logo can be placed on the collar, sleeve or elsewhere on the shirt. The choice of placement depends on individual preference and the desired look. For example, a subtle placement on the collar can add subtle elegance, while a logo on the sleeve can add a sportier touch.

Company polo shirts - embroidery of any motif

The choice of colors for corporate polo shirts is almost unlimited and covers the entire color palette. This means that you can choose the color that best suits the brand, the company or your personal preferences. You can opt for classic colors like white, black or gray, which are timeless and versatile. Or you can choose a completely random, slightly more eye-catching color for your corporate polo shirt.

A white polo shirt exudes cleanliness, freshness and sophistication. It's an elegant choice that gives off a professional yet stylish appearance. With an embroidered company logo on the chest, the white polo shirt becomes a canvas-like surface that shows off the logo to its best advantage. It's a subtle, yet effective way to represent the company.

A black polo shirt conveys elegance and modernity. Black exudes a certain exclusivity and is a popular choice for sophisticated and style-conscious looks. When the company logo is embroidered on the chest or elsewhere on a black polo shirt, it creates a strong contrast and immediately attracts attention. The embroidered logo becomes an eye-catcher and shows that you stand by the brand.

However, polo shirts are not limited to neutral colors. There are also a variety of vibrant color options that allow the company logo to stand out even more. For example, a blue polo shirt represents confidence and respectability. It is a color that is appropriate in many business situations, while also exuding freshness and vibrancy. The company logo on the chest of a blue polo shirt adds a professional and brand-conscious touch to the look.

In addition to the colors already mentioned, there are many other polo shirt color options:

For example, a green polo shirt is an interesting choice as it symbolizes naturalness, freshness and sustainability. This color can associate the company with environmental awareness, innovation and a healthy lifestyle. A red polo shirt, on the other hand, represents energy, passion and dynamism. It is an eye-catching color that attracts attention and conveys a sense of strength. A yellow polo shirt, on the other hand, exudes optimism, creativity and cheerfulness. It is a vibrant color that spreads positive energy.

When choosing a color for corporate polo shirts, it is important to consider the company culture and desired image. Each color has a specific meaning and can send subtle signals about the company. By choosing the color of the polo shirt carefully, you can ensure that it represents the values and characteristics you want.

Embroidery options - there are no limits to your wishes

When embroidering company polo shirts or shirts, there is basically the possibility to implement any company motif. This creates a tailor-made solution that meets the specific requirements of the company. Whether it is a complex logo, a slogan or a special design, the embroidery can implement any desired motif with the individually desired, completely arbitrary embroidery colors on the polo shirts or shirts.

The embroidery technique allows a precise and detailed representation of the logo or design on the textiles. It should be noted, however, that on a shirt the embroidered motif can be implemented more finely and in a smaller size than on a coarse-meshed polo shirt due to the dense fabric. Incidentally, embroidery - unlike logo printing - is far more durable and long-lasting. The embroidered motifs can withstand many washes and retain their quality over a longer period of time.

In summary, company shirts and polo shirts embroidered with the company logo represent the company in many ways. They convey professionalism, promote team spirit, serve as marketing tools, and show the company's commitment to quality and detail. By having employees wear these garments, the company becomes visible and stands out from the competition. It's a fashionable and brand-conscious choice that adds the perfect look to any business occasion.

Have I inspired you? MANILO also offers the option, company shirts and company polo shirts with the company logo or any other motif. The production of the shirts and polo shirts is in Europe, but they are designed and embroidered in Switzerland - with one of the very best embroidery qualities on the Swiss market.

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